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John Paul Fauves: Disney, Interrupted

His work is full of meaning and critique; covered in color and intensity. John Paul Fauves is our favorite Costa Rican contemporary artist. Both his alias and his style are (obviously) influenced by Fauvism, but his game of faces, tones and brushstrokes add an vibrant touch of singularity.


"I do consider myself a portraitist, since my early childhood I have being drawing faces. I consider them the best way to canalize expression in art. We identify with faces, there is a story in each one of them that we let our imagination create.

I really hope my art can creat something as fauvism did for its time (Fauvism means wild beast in French, were the movement started). I’m a strong believer that we all have to embrace this wild creative beast inside of us, to be transgressors in our ideals. Most important the Fauvist movement values individual expression, the artist direct experience of his emotional response to life."


We see many elements of pop culture and Disney in your work; were you a Disney fan as child or teen? Did it influence your life in a way?

Yes I did enjoy going to Disney World as a kid and teen as well as the cartoons. But mostly this collection talks about the loss of innocence in humanity. Mickey as world iconic figure represents that, and I turn him more into a hedonist Mickey. How it looks for pleasure no matter the consequence. I have lived my life through several experiences to the point to know that excess will never fulfill you. I question that in this collection even using several known figures like Jim Morrison, James Dean , Marylin Monroe with Mickey ears representing this innocents lost that ended in death.


"I have painted since I can remember, it’s truly like therapy to me. It’s almost a necessity to bring a balance to my soul.

I believe art is the way our soul communicates to the world."


What’s the meaning of the two faces?

It’s pure expression, I like to leave that to the viewer. The most beautiful thing about art is that there are no rules and nothing is rational, what you see may be different from what I see. It’s a unique and personal experience that has a social impact.

You always use very strong and energetic colors in each one of your paintings, with a reoccurring tendency to color red, which indicates both a happy and a moody person; do you consider yourself as such?

Colors give life to anything we see. I like how the use of colors in art can give a radical change to this visual impression. I like to play with colors, never plan anything; I just start painting to see where it goes. Never thought of the red and my personality, just know I’m enjoying this life experience.


"Since I was a kid, but my biggest influence was in high school when I did the two year International Bachelor in art."

"As I said before, for me art is the expression of the soul. So this old art pieces are pictures of your soul , its like if you find a picture of yourself as a kid. You look at it and remember that moment, your friends, family your thoughts… Now imagine that of your soul."

"I go with the flow, try to let my emotions govern my art style. To never lose what’s important to me which is to “express”

no matter the style."


Where would you like to see your world displayed?

Planning a new show in NYC, and in terms of museums MOMA, TATE and Guggenheim.

What audience do you think understands your work best?

Open minded people, also people searching for there feelings and emotions. More emotional and less rational.

What’s your artistic dream?

To be inspiration to others.


"To upcoming artists: follow your soul, by having trust in your paintings. Failure is the best teacher but you must never stop doing

what belongs to you and the world."


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