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Human dolls making dolls human

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


Certainly there are dolls taht you want to have for your own collection ... They have style, tattoos, getting great shots and have fashion clothes. And their name is ''Popovy Sisters''. Katerina and Elena Popovy, are twin sisters from Russia that began to make dolls in 2004. What they want to do is to give a more human and realistic form in their portraits. Before starting to make a doll of a character they always studying its history, watch interviews and make a research. The materials that they use are porcelain, plastic and flumo. As they say, the design of a doll not give them room to express themselves as artists-designers, but the fact that they managed to combine theatrical costumes in their collections actually produced the desired effect on their dolls. They try hard, at the end the dolls to look as real as possible ...


It looks like a symmetrical resemblance game.

Ekaterina and Elena are twin sisters. Both pale, both blonde, both graduated at Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in Yekaterinburg. Both artists.

What else could they ever need to be more complete? Probably nothing. Just creating.

Creating precious little bodies, with small delicate hands, adjustable joints, voluminous hair, a tiny plump mouth and big dramatic eyes.


But, if you took a closer look, you might found out a fragile rabbit-like couple of theet emerging from red shaded gums; you might realize that the neck is too skinny and too long, that sometimes the eyes look like frosted or haunted or irreparably sad. Then you count the ribs, so clearly sculpted on the chest, interrupted chest, in which the waist is inserted like the body was build out of assembled parts.

Oh… but of course it is. This is just dolls!

…isn’t it?


Sometimes to feel complete you have to multiply yourself. For one, two, ten, a hundred, a thousand times, twinning and twinning to recall yourself that you are here, to build your own personal mirror in which you reflect and say “yes, I am.” I am an artist.

Smile: this was just a joke. Wasn’t it?

Smile with your plump rounded mouth.

Even though I mentioned just body and face details, I believe that the highest level of beauty and preciouseness of these dolls is reached with their clothes and the meticulous care for microscopic accessories and adornments.

While the Black Widow crinoline recalling a spider web works well as a disturbing fashion trick, the japanese fan dress from the Fashion Moon collection looks incredibly elegant and delicate, even magic, with a soft paper lamp intimate light.


In a completely different mood, still charming but much more severe, with an imperial and sacred touch, the Cult collection indeed brings a sudden and effective spirituality: more than a doll’s couple of eyes, it’s an ancient statue’s and its cat’s gaze which looks like saying “respect us: we are both Gods”.


Popovy Dolls


We want to thank Lulu for amazing review

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