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Updated: Oct 30, 2019


"Metamorphosis" fine art photography by Giuliano Bekor.

Life is transformation, physically and emotionally. We are ever-changing, from the perfection and innocence of adolescence, to the microcosmic imperfections of aging. We live in a time of physical obsession, of worshipping youth, but we continue to alter and transform all the same. We are at the mercy of time, growing and morphing; coloring our lives with what we learn and might one day forget. The fate of the butterfly mirrors our own, from cocoon to flight.


Internationally recognized photographer, Giuliano Bekor, holds a portfolio that includes work from the realms of fashion, beauty, celebrity, advertising, and fine art. Giuliano’s photography has been featured in top publications around the globe, and his client list includes an endless file of beauty industry leaders, advertising agencies, celebrities, producers, and artists. With 30 years in the industry, Giuliano has perfected his craft to an exceptional level of expertise. Composed of light, color, space and form, Giuliano brings ideas conceptualized in his own imagination into reality throughout his work. Currently living between New York and Los Angeles, Giuliano is often on the move traveling for work and inspiration. Always the restless visionary, he ceases to continually express his fresh and nuanced style.



JM Art Management

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