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Modernismo by Giuliano Bekor

Giuliano Bekor is an internationally recognized photographer with a portfolio that includes work from the realms of fashion, beauty, celebrity, advertising, and fine art. Composed of light, color, space and form, Giuliano’s work brings ideas conceptualized in his own imagination into reality throughout his work.

Like a painter, he sketches, refining his ideas through pen and pencil well before the shutter clicks, making the camera a fluid means to an end.


“I pick up the camera with the excitement of a child, I treat every project like it’s the first and the last shot I will ever take.”

Giuliano Bekor


Giuliano conducts himself at the same level of love for his passion in all areas of his work, resulting in a commitment to not just a job as a photographer, but to a life as one. Ever the perfectionist, Bekor refuses to end the work at hand until he has captured “the shot”. His philosophy is to come into every project with the excitement of a child, as if it is the first and last time that he has the opportunity to shoot. This sort of unmatched energy is a contributing factor to his success.

Please join us for Pre-Basel reception on November 15th 2017 to see gorgeous works by Giuliano Bekor and other international artists.

Modernismo was conceived between 2012 and 2014 and can be described as pure photography, inspired by the historically significant pop art and the undulating forms of the human body. Rooted in high fashion, this series celebrates optical illusion coupled with vibrant color, inspiring unique and malleable interpretation. Giuliano’s photography has been featured in top publications around the globe, and his client list includes beauty industry leaders, advertising agencies, celebrities, producers, and artists. Self taught with over 30 years in the industry, Giuliano has perfected his craft to an exceptional level of fine art expertise.

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