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“My Wife Hates It When I Work From Home”, Banksy Reveals His Newest Work On Instagram

Imagine being an elusive street art guru suddenly getting caught in the grips of a global lockdown. Yep, we’re talking Banksy. He too, just like a third of the global population, is staying home.

But while urban spaces and concrete canvases are no longer an option, the artist has found a domestic alternative to showcase his undisputable skill. And the bathroom doesn’t sound like the most inspiring place at first, but this guy proves us wrong. On April 15, Banksy posted a few images where hand-painted rats are seen wreaking havoc on the alleged artist’s bathroom like there’s no tomorrow. The caption of his Instagram post, which was liked 1.7 million times, reads: “My wife hates it when I work from home.” I mean, nothin’ personal, but I kinda feel her.

The British street artist posted some pictures of what his alleged bathroom looks like in the lockdown

Banksy - Coronavirus - JM Art Management

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, Banksy’s art is still prevailing. Artnet News reported that the British artist made a whopping $1.4M in an online sale hosted by Sotheby’s, proving that people would buy Banksy under any circumstances. The final sale price exceeded an estimate of $839K to $1.2M. Surprisingly, or rather not, 47% of buyers were new to Sotheby’s and 30% of bidders were under 40 years old.

Banksy’s most expensive work sold to date was the massive chimp parliament painting named Devolved Parliament. It was sold for a startling $12M at Sotheby’s, which exceeded the high estimate of $2.47M by nearly five times. Artnet reports that laughter, seemingly representing both delight and disbelief, spread throughout the room during the nearly 13-minute bidding battle.

Written by Liucija Adomaite


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