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Neoteric Experiment by Loneroc

Would love to make an introduction: LA Based French Artist, who started his career in 1985 as a street artist in Paris.

"I paint real people stories with my honest lies"

Laurent Proneur

Acrobat, juggler, musician, starting from 1985, Loneroc became one of the pioneers, pillars and visionary Street Artists amongst the group of other geniuses such as MC Solar, Menelik and NTM and his work was influential to the newly recognized graffiti movement. His Artwork represents his life, the lifestyle full of radical freedom focused on color, impact and pushing the boundaries of perception.

Laurent’s work is recognized in the revered Street Art publication of the time “Paris Tonkar” with pages of its special edition book dedicated to him.

He had many solo and group exhibits at Gallery Montaigne (LA), Terrell Moore Gallery, Art Basel, Maison de la culture Paris, Modern young exhibition, Le Louvre Paris and much more.

Now he lives and works in Los Angeles. "Celebrity most wanted artist", that the way to call him. His client list is quite impressive, it has such strong names as Janice Dickenson, Christopher Lambert, Leonardo Di Caprio, Hillary Swank, Silvester Stalone, etc.... It can take forever to mention everyone.

His paintings on large canvas are mysterious and absolutely gorgeous, he describes his work as a “neoteric experiment in fine art graffiti”. Sometimes frenetic, but more often grounded in purposeful focus, Laurent’s work vacillates between instigating deep self-reflection or insisting the simplicity of a beauty moment.

“Whimsy and self-expression were instilled in me from an early age”

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