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Noise of art

010x0010 is a Dutch-born Audiovisual artist, currently living in Los Angeles.

His artist name is derived from his birthday, pronounced “2-2” via binary code.

In his art, 0010x0010 combines photography, video technology and installation art.

He produces and performs through a diverse tray of art, sound, style, and sight, giving viewer a formula that boasts a crossbred approach to creativity and cultivation.

Under different pseudonyms, 0010×0010 fuses craft and melody in a stylistic and profound manner.

0010×0010 speaks to inspiration when stating: “I find that ‘inspiration’ comes from everywhere… people, nature, art, films, music and sounds…I’m often surprised how I can creatively channel and translate my experiences into design”.

Soon on view in LA. Please e-mail for more info:

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