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Parisian touch by Fauves

In collaboration with renowned Parisian brand Dognin, artist John Paul Fauves opens his newest solo exhibition in Paris, timed in conjunction with Paris Design Week. Featuring works from Fauves' current body of works "A Loss of Innocence" and collaborative pieces made specifically for design week, Dognin and Fauves present an impressive array of artwork ranging from Fauves originals to the latest designs coming out of the atelier Dognin.

From September 8th - 16th,

the exhibition is open to the public from 2 to 7 pm

Vernissage on Tuesday, September 12, 2017,

from 7 pm to 9 pm

Media Contact:

John Paul Fauves is a contemporary artist based out of San José, Costa Rica. His work is heavily inspired by the Fauvist movement, as he seeks to explore hedonism and redemption through his bodies of work. Utilizing the iconic “Mickey" icon, Fauves tackles life's most challenging questions in regards to the losing of one's innocence, and to visually represent "the seeking of pleasure no matter the consequence.“

"I have painted since I can remember, it’s truly like therapy to me. It’s almost a necessity to bring a balance to my soul. I believe art is the way our soul communicates to the world."

"This being an individualistic style that lacks a classical order which in turn uses color to communicate feelings. Expressionism is clearly my interpretation of Art. I think that art is the expression of the soul.“

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