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Pop Icons of contemporary world

"I found Myself, and quickly started searching Again"

The latest collection by John Paul Fauves represents a series of experiences related to the loss of innocence. Living in such a globalized world, where information is just a click away for anyone, the temptation is present on a daily basis.

John Paul uses pop icons as a representation of many generations of a hedonistic figure. His characters are always in search of maximum pleasure. But what are the limits of this pleasure? For how long will we be ignoring things such as morals and values? Or is it just about wearing the "Pop Icon" mask all day long, and rarely taking it off at night?


Fauves's main goal is to conquer the present moment during the day. There are so many distractions around us, and we forget to focus on the main thing - to live in the actual moment. John Paul bevies that once he connects himself to the present moment, the inspiration comes, he finds it all over, in every small thing, and it brings ideas for him create art. He always starts with a sketch, develops and explodes his vision, and after transforms it to the large-scale canvases using acrylic, spray paint and oil.


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