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Popovy Sisters: Holiday Editions with Michael Costello

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

JM Art Management is pleased to announce the release of the Popovy Sisters Holiday Editions with Michael Costello. Fashion and art come together like never before as celebrity fashion designer Michael Costello and award-winning doll makers the Popovy Sisters launch their limited edition photographs of one-of-a-kind dolls with Costello-designed doll- sized gowns.

Popovy Sisters | Michael Costello | JM Art Management

Art-world darlings, twins Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, have been called the new wave of Russian art-doll designers. Born in Perm and currently living in St. Petersburg, Ekaterina and Elena have been crafting dolls since 2004. Their early works were formed with the faces of popular idols of the time, including Marilyn Manson, Dita von Teese, Madonna, and John Galliano. Their unique ball-joint dolls are handmade from start to finish, combining their passion for fashion design and doll art. Ekaterina and Elena create small conceptual collections of only 10-15 dolls each year. These unearthly dolls have received numerous awards, including Best Doll Master at the International Doll Salon in Moscow, and the Haute Couture prize of Doll Magazine for the Hathor of Cult project. Their collectors number among the creative elite – the couturier Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton shoe designer Fabrizio Viti, and Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser (who rather resembles a Popovy doll herself). Their work has been featured in Vogue, Flaunt, the New York Times, Basic, and many other international publications.

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The Michael Costello brand, with its celebrity clientele, soft draping, and massive sex appeal, has secured its place in the fashion industry as one of the decade’s most sought- after brands. Costello’s appreciation for feminine beauty, and his passion for continuously pushing the boundaries of fashion, create dynamic, bold, statement-making moments for women. A self-taught prodigy, at the age of two Costello began by drawing dresses on his bedroom walls and went on to open his first store at the tender age of 15. Since then, Costello has built a massive empire by making women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful, and upending an industry that lacked diversity and excitement. While many fans recognize him from Lifetime’s “Project Runway” franchise, Costello’s brand has blossomed into aninternational household name beyond mainstream television. Michael Costello’s exquisite dresses dominate every prestigious red carpet award show, from the Grammys to the Oscars. He has dressed stars the likes of Beyonce, JLo, Lady Gaga, and Kate Hudson. His work has graced the covers of the New York Times and People Magazine, and has been featured on major news organizations around the world from the Associated Press and CNN to Access Hollywood and E!, and shown in fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire.

When asked about the collaboration, Michael Costello had this to say: “I first discovered the Popovy Sisters years ago on Instagram. It was late at night, around 2 AM, and I was scrolling through my feed because I couldn’t sleep. When I saw the Popovy Sisters’ dolls, I was instantly captured [by] the dark, twisted, fantasies of the dolls! After seeing that the dolls have done a few collaborations with other high fashion designers, I knew that one day, I wanted to work with them!

“As a designer, I am constantly inspired by art. These dolls are so captivating and each seem to exude a different personality that is so life-like! My inspiration for the collection was a magical “Michael Costello” fantasy surrounding “A Day In the Life of the Popovy Dolls”. I wanted the dolls to come to life, wearing Michael Costello Couture. As soon as we debut the Michael Costello pieces on the Popovy Dolls, I know many fashion fans will be asking if we would be reproducing the dresses human size. I’m open to doing some. Others, of course, are made exclusively for the dolls.”


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