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Popovy Sisters inspired

Marta Petrucci | Popovy Sisters

Popovy Sisters are siblings Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, from Perm, Russia. The sisters are fashion designers and doll-makers with a strong sense of the contemporary and an eye for trendsetting. Without the constraints of a real model the fashion can push further than wearables. The focus, though, is on the doll’s form. The faces are often inspired by children, expressive and emotional, emphasizing the atypical such as large ears or teeth gaps. The imperfections make them seem almost human.


Marta Petrucci, a young Italian freelance photographer.

In 2007, after graduating at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, she moves to Los Angeles, where she explores the photographic technique by participating in several workshops taught by world-class photographers like Sam Abell of National Geographic and many others. She creates most of her personal projects in LA with also collaborations like the one with Keri Kilgo. In 2012 she moves to London, where she works as assistant for Woland Thomas in the field of fashion photography. Her return to Italy is marked by collaboration with Sony Music Italy for which she makes the CD cover of the first two albums and now in 2018 a third with the Believe Digital of the winner of the fourth edition of X Factor, Nathalie, and a solo show with her artistic project “Oil” in Rome and then in London (UK). She now collaborates with the Accademia del Lusso of Rome as a freelance photographer and she she got selected for the institutional catalog of the 100 most talented creative people of Lazio with her new artistic project “Dead Still Breakfast”.


Marta Petrucci created beautiful series of photographs inspired by Popovy Sisters dolls, where she turned models into Live Dolls.

Dresses and the props are hand made by Marta Petrucci and her costume designer Flavia Fg Tomassi. In some of the picture photographer used lingerie from Agent Provocateur, Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie ( an Italian brand), and stocking from La Perla.


In Memory of Manlio Rocchetti

photographer: Marta Petrucci

Models: Olga Shutieva, Alice Pagani, Korlan Madi

set designer and costumes: Flavia FG Tomassi

brand: Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie, Agent Provocateur, La Perla Lingerie

mua: Daniele Dan Peluso

mua assistant: Cecilia Baviera, Alice Quartarone

Hairstyling :Danilo Spacca

Hairstyling assistant: Eleonora La Rosa e Camilla Cantini

Bodypainting :Ludovica Romano

Video : Trifada Produzioni Francesco A. D'Aloi Giorgio Clementelli

Location: Tibaldi Galleria Contemporanea Roberto Tibaldi

Artdirection and producer :Marta Petrucci

co-producer: Flavia Fg Flavia FG Tomassi

Parrucche Rocchetti Alessandra Rocchetti e Paola Rocchetti

For questions about Popovy Dolls or Popovy Sisters Fine Art Photography please contact us:

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