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Rob Woodcox: dreams within reality


Photographer Rob Woodcox uses the human form creatively, by asking dancers to pose in diverse positions. 

As Rob creates each piece of artwork, he aims to capture fragments of the vivid reality, memory, and vision that embraces life. Through definition is a statement of his experience, and seeks to tell each person that views it a meaningful story.

Rob Woodcox creates images that could create a chapter by chapter of a book. 

His photographs speak in various colors, different moods, and atmospheres, and an ever-changing tonality of premeditated scenes and stories, arranged and brought to life first in the mind of Robs, then beautifully imagined, illustrated and displayed in front of the camera, speaking in one single voice of the beauty of leaving behind constraints and letting imagination lead the way.

When viewing his art, one strongly senses a unifying connection within the picture, that is, Rob's style and touch in bringing his visions to life.

With its enchanted compositions and beautiful presentation, Rob's photography captures and spellbinds the viewer, we lose ourselves in its vivacious, larger than life, mystical and imaginative universe skillfully and fearlessly built behind a camera and in front of the screen.

For many of us, the sky may be the limit, though Rob Woodcox does not allow himself to be restricted at all, he will bring to life what he has aesthetically dreamed of, and he will change reality by mastering both old and new technology and balancing them smoothly, so it fits his vision, not the other way around.

Rob Woodcox is a fashion and art photographer based in Los Angeles, New York City, and Mexico City. With unquestionable and infectious passion, he is demonstrating his photographic talents. He has worked for a variety of well-known and exclusive brands, signed hundreds of pages in various American fashion magazines, and exhibited his work in 25 cities around the world.

He also creates projects that raise awareness of various social problems, holds seminars, and teach youth around the world. 

Rob's passion for photography has grown into a commitment to activism and to make voices heard with pressure. Rob has created projects that increase awareness and dialogue about the US Foster and Adoption Program, Queer Culture, Body Positivity, and Diversity. Having been adopted as a child and frequently engaging with the foster care system, Rob creates within our diverse communities from a specific viewpoint, seeking faith in the human bond and the will to transcend negative structures.

Rob went through his own "coming out" experience in 2013, a cultural process that is only possible because of the lack of knowledge and acceptance within the wider population. While a daunting and exhausting experience, Rob used this passion to follow his full-time photographic goals and started to travel the world to teach workshops and produce supported content.

“I aim to create dreams within reality”

~ Rob Woodcox

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