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Fine art photography by Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev.

In this project, Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev draws a line between sensuality and explicit sexuality in depicting a woman's body. Modern photography offers two main approaches to the subject: provocative sexuality and an impassive perception of a plastic form. Aggressive approaches are increasingly predominant in taking photos of a naked body. For example, paparazzi are keen to shoot women with a candid camera in bed, bathrooms, etc.

Characteristically, Vladimir rejects using bright colors and deliberately limits himself in methods of expression. All the characters are shot sitting back to the viewer, and the sensual message is conveyed through fine outlines, the plasticity of a woman's body and definite parts of the background. In the Film Divas project, the portraits are given in the form of a definite film symbol, while Sensuality is a sort of a poster imbued with sensuality. In his portraits, Vladimir uses still life elements, which help reveal the objects: a woman's back, a child sitting next to her, flowers, a hand with a string of pearls on an opened book, a branch of winter berries against the background of home-made open-work fabric.

Girl with an Apple

Sensuality presents expressive and vivid images of young women. In their midst, you can see a girl in a carnival mask with expensive rings on her hand as a symbol of temptation, a young woman with a child as the image of early maternity, a girl with a book reminiscent of well-known characters taking from Russian classical literature. All the photos are monochromatic with the use made of elaborate nuances of color hues.

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