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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Yevgeniy Repiashenko - JM Art Management

Ukrainian photographer Yevgeny Repyashenko has proved that it is quite possible to sense the invisible unity of matter and spirit by the art of photography.

Is it possible to see the invisible, feel ethereal, succumb to the rhythm dictated by the dance, but stopped in time thanks to the art of photography? Is the unity of matter and spirit absolute, or is the human body in its infinite striving for perfection just a haven of the divine principle?

The key line of the exhibition is the author's reasoning on the subject of our unchanging desire in constant self-improvement. Is it a kind of reflection of our inner growth and the need to bring matter and spirit to harmony? The answer is hidden in the graceful bodies of naked dancers, creating the illusion of eternal beauty and monumentality.

The "SPIRIT" series shows the frozen movement of the dancer.

Each photo is a unique art object and transmits the magic of classical dance in a non-standard reading of the nude. Captivating in their beauty and grace, the flexible bodies of the dancers create the illusion of sculpture. The style of shooting enhances the perception of volumetric figures and space. Eternal play of light and shadow with a new force demonstrates the capabilities of the human body.

Yevgeniy Repiashenko works always reflect a poetic beauty, naked grace, and harmony. Being fascinated with classical sculpture and Renaissance painting, Yevgeniy finds a new creative direction - sculpture photography and the plastic movement. Flawless nudity of ballerinas' and gymnasts' bodies freezes in a fit of dance leaving the strongest feelings and passion in the frame. At first glance, they do not seem real but sculpted by the hands of the master. The models are saying that shooting with Yevgeniy is not easy, but he knows what he wants to achieve, often being a choreographer at his shoots, inventing new images. His SPIRIT series is a combination of the texture of classical sculpture with the filling of modern rhythm and emotions.


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Yevgeny Repyashenko | SPIRIT | JM Art Management


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