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Street Art in Los Angeles at Christie's

Image: thrashbird’s Valley of Secret Values in lime, Oregon. @thrashbird

Street Art in Los Angeles: Controversy and Ethical Slippages By Lizy Dastin

Los Angeles: February 21, 2018, Christie's Education, Beverly Hills, CA

Amazing lecture presented by Christie’s Education, New York Alumna Lizy Dastin.

Lizy is a professor of Art History at UCLA and Santa Monica College specializing in contemporary art and urban practice. She's a passionate advocate of street art and its makers and is committed to creating a comprehensive digital archive of this otherwise ephemeral practice.

Lizy has previously taught at Mercy College in the Bronx and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and has worked on special projects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and Christie’s Auctions.

Topics covered include:

Siqueiros "Tropical America" mural 1930 Olivera Street


LA River iconic piece by Saber, 1997


Banksy in the streets of LA


Twitchell, Ed Ruscha, 1980-2006


And more!


For more information please contact Lizy Dastin at

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