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The power of temptation

Dmitriy Krestniy | JM Art Management
Dmitriy Krestniy | JM Art Management

A look through Dmitriy’s designs reveals a glamorous, feminine, provocative yet sensual style influenced by his natural Ukrainian exuberance. He understands and respects the art’s body which continuously is at the center of his paintings. 

His preference goes by drawing with pastels, oil, and charcoal to create innovative paintings among which are such style as photorealism where the artist writes such paintings as the pictorial art, seascapes, portraits, and others. Dmitriy's collectors are those who are seeking elegance but are not afraid to stand out and be noticed.

Over the years, the list of the paintings and their styles been rapidly growing and has been complemented with collections of seascapes and women's portraits. Dmitriy’s client list includes first ladies, celebrities, top models as well as members of high-end families. 

View Dmitriy Krestniy work HERE


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