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The Last Bookstore

Spent my Sunday discovering Down Town LA and passed by this very interesting place- The Last Bookstore.

"Magical", that's how I can describe this beautiful store on the corner of Spring St. and 5th St in Downtown Los Angeles.

It's located on the main floor of the building which used to be Crocker National Bank. In 1920th Spring Street was considered "Wall Street of the West".

Beautiful historical building with giant doors, high ceilings, marble floor, and columns. It's the largest independent bookstore in Southern California and considered to be a landmark.

Huge hall on the lower floor carries thousand of books, but the most important books kept on a higher floor, their treasury.

Hanging books, tunnels build from the books, many side rooms which are hidden, it's easy to get lost in that huge place.

There are a lot of used and vintage books (all in good condition), it is reasonably priced.

You feel respect to books, not to transactions, it's amazing, makes you feel as if you are in the begging of the 20th century.

Highly recommend this place to anyone who loves books, history, architecture and art!

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