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XIII - Photography series by Lukas Dvorak

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Photography series by Lukas Dvorak

Passionate, erotic, and intense photography by Lukas Dvorak.

Lukas Dvorak captured photos of the surrounding nature, considering it his best source of inspiration and contrast. Dvorak believes that women should be exposed in the same way as nature does, demonstrating how one might act without needing to put up a front. This thought serves as the return to the birth of Venus, a reference to the original woman.

Lukas combines his models' beautiful, feminine curves with an astonishing, raw, and untamed backgrounds by presenting them with breathtaking scenery. His scenes provide a sense of simplicity and purity through the interaction of nature and nudity.

The artist characterizes his style as straightforward. Primary, straight lines must control the three aspects of lighting, position, and facial expression. His works show little sign of the enormous effort frequently required to achieve the correct pose. As he noted in an interview, respecting the woman's beauty is the first thing to do to capture her in her most spectacular and finest form. The most crucial criterion for Dvorak is a natural appearance; he shows his images in a timeless, pure style, devoting himself to the female nude with poise and creativity. The models have a natural appearance and a strong sense of character.

Lukas Dvorak, one of the most well-known Czech photographers of his day, attained global recognition while spending many years working in Milan. While black and white photography is his expertise, he has also photographed fashion for prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan.

His book tells this as written on the book's cover. Every snapshot or work of art might have thousands of different interpretations. It hinges on who is looking at it, when it is looked at, and where it is looked at. The perspective of such a work can shift dramatically over time. However, it is critical to trust your vision and create works that speak for you.

"I see my images as a representation of my personality and inner world, and I respect every person who becomes a fan of my work. Although, I am conscious that photography can alter the objective reality, which is the expression of our senses. In my career, I always emphasize the naturalness, timelessness, and true capturing of individuals I may discover spirituality and their finest beauty. The same feeling moves not every viewer, and not each viewer understands the story behind each photograph."

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