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The known unknown

By Sergii Shaulis

The project is dedicated to the horrible events that took place on the territory of Ukraine, to the memory of the known and unknown heroes, ordinary people who were killed.


The project is represented as eight skulls made of bronze, brass, and steel that are placed on small stands. The skulls are divided into three groups: «Information» (3 items); «Distruction» (2 items) and «Unity» (3 items). «Іnformation» (the skulls are pierced by the metal nails) – this group of skulls symbolizes the information war and perception of this information by a person. There are people that perceive any information in an overly dramatic way and with the indictment; and some people, on the contrary, accept all the information without any doubts. And there are some people who absorb information totally and it erodes them from the inside. «Distruction» ‑ this group of skulls was crashed and then put back together. They on purpose show everyone that “what was ruined by war” cannot be put together flawlessly, no matter how hard you try, the war “scars” will remain forever. «Unity» is the third group that as if consists of puzzles and tells us about the unity of Ukraine, for it is so diverse. Each region is a puzzle without which the whole United picture cannot exist. Inside each skull, there is a small lamp that illuminates it. It symbolizes hope and faith in the fact that war is going to end and everything will be good. 

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