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Hossam Dirar

Hossam Dirar is an Egyptian contemporary artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He works with painting, video, sound, and installation art, to delve into questions of cultural identity, gender roles and to discuss socio-economic and political ideas. 

His works which are between figurative and abstract is considered by him to be the best way to express his ideas. He is better known for his works on large-scale oil canvas, in which he applies layers and layers of oil paint creating a great texture. 



The Golden Queen

Nr. 11.jpg


Hossam Dirar | Timeless | JM Art Management

Le Cairo

Hossam Dirar | Le Cairo | JM Art Management


Hossam Dirar Nefertiti

FACES photography

Hossam Dirar | FACES | JM Art Management

I Met Them



Hossam Dirar | Chaos | JM Art Management

Limited Editions

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