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Le Cairo 1801

by Hossam Dirar

Prior to Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt, European artists had minimal contact with the Orient. When the Description de l’Égypte was published and circulated in Europe, it became the most influential scientific and artistic documentation of Egypt. This publication had a profound effect on European art in the nineteenth century, and spawned a style of visual art, fashion, architecture, and literature called Orientalism. This term refers to the imitation or depiction of aspects of Eastern cultures in the West by writers, musicians, designers, and artists. 
Dirar chose this period of time where life was peaceful and artistically rich compared to the current decadence we are experiencing.
His reference to the Orientalist paintings is a canvas of inspiration and re-adaptation to the contemporary era just as a hope to bring back this flair to Egypt which was endowed with beauty and a civilisation glorified by the whole world .


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