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Art of a "Scorpio": Ralph Rickermann

Had such pleasure visiting the former bass player from the legendary "Scorpions" Ralph Rickermann. Ralph is well known as talented musician and composer, but he is also very talented painter!

His global success began In 1991 Ralph joined the world famous rock band The Scorpions as the new Bass Player. During his 12 year career as a member of “The Scorpions” Ralph recorded 8 gold and platinum awarded albums that sold millions of copies all over the world. In addition to his contributions as Bass Player, Ralph wrote the song titled “Mysterious” which was to be the last most successful song for “The Scorpions” since “Winds of Change”. That song went to 3rd on the American charts. Throughout his tenure with “The Scorpions” Ralph has toured the world six times.

Now Ralph found his new passion- visual art. He has produced over 200 paintings and has no intention of slowing down. It's like an obsession. Pop Art, Abstract, Figurative, he keeps on experimenting. He found his innovative style in the Pop Art direction which is brilliant! Filled with an array of bright colors, blended tones, and unique shapes, Rieckermann’s pop art paintings provide more and more nuanced details the longer you look.

“It’s just like making music. I’m a visionary, and I like to improvise.

I live in the moment and come up with new ideas—that’s how I compose music.

I come up with a baseline, and more and more gets added to it and then I come up with a story.”

Unfortunately I can not show all of his beautiful pieces YET!!! So stay tuned.

P.S. It's an actual guitar from the performances in the 90th hand painted by the artist..... NOT FOR SALE

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