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Art and conflict by Hossam Dirar

Hossam Dirar abstract

Hossam Dirar is an Egyptian contemporary artist from Cairo, Egypt, who currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Dirar’s work in painting is refined and takes more of a classic approach, using oil paint in expressive strokes and warm colors to depict women in their feminine power. His work explores the factors that make humans different from one another, whether these differences are a result of social, religious or geographic influence. Dirar studies the transformation of the state and environment a human exists in through things that shape them, and in turn the environment becomes a reflection on humans in a wide range of ways, creating a spectrum of existence. Through his interactions with art, he highlights this exchange, what happens between the environment and mind, and hopes to find ways to cancel out the differences.

In 2013, Saatchi Gallery Director in London Rebecca Wilson had chosen Dirar as one of the Twelve best young artists worldwide to be on their list for art investments. In 2015 he received a grant for the Salzburg International Academy of Fine Arts Course with artist Varda Caivano, and in 2016 he completed a residency in Koumaria, Greece.


Dirar's abstract paintings reflect on his accumulated experiences, his journey between his home country - Egypt, and the West, which he set out to explore.

In addition to individual identity, the themes in his work include “the conflict between beginnings and ends, past and present, the battle between the mind and the soul ... and a re-interpretation of his memory,” according to the exhibition literature.

His drawings are characterized by multi-layered texture palettes to express identity and overlap between the multicultural characters, delivering instant visual pleasure.


"This Artwork is a reflection of my inner battle.

Being a person with my background that was also exposed to the new lifestyle, I find myself in the middle of two very different cultures. I was striving to find a solution to the hypocritical ideas in my head that I got from the lifestyle I was brought up to know and the one I’m trying to adopt.

This was an experiment to show the contrast and express my desires, too."

"Art is my way of expressing my concepts and perspectives in life. Life is full of images; through my art I try to capture the essence of those images on canvas.

Abstract is my keyword. Nature is my inspiration.

Mind, shapes, and imaginations are my basic elements.

My digital art explores the magic of our heritage in a new contemporary vision & give ‘rebirth’ to old & traditional icons; with the genuine use of colors, calligraphy, icons, & patterns.

Through my artwork I try to bring to life the beauty of old times, the depth of memorable images in a modern unique vision. Thus text & calligraphy are features that I use.

The strong impact of words merged with the patterns make the piece of art a true illustration of my perspectives.

Being different is thinking different. In my artwork everything is possible.

Any color is allowed. All shapes, forms and colors can be mixed together. In Art a fish doesn’t have to be in the sea. Everything I observe or experience in life inspires me; everyday small details, everything surrounding us, time, heritage, and memories. I hope to make people see things that their eyes usually don’t see; showing them images of what they feel. I wish to deliver my perceptions to the world; and Art is my way.

Hoping that people start to feel the essence of things, only then they will see their own images in life."

~ Hossam Dirar


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