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Contemporary femininity

Introducing gorgeous LA based artist- Suzanne Erickson!

"I take femininity, strip away the cute, and leave the coarse infrastructure of the human body."

"Making art is a decoding of my life. It is also a practice of disclosure.

I work between performance, painting and sculpture. The act and process of creating work is as important as the finished project.

Writing, taking photos, making videos and collecting objects that inform and feed a concept are some of the core elements that go into a project."

My past training includes a professional theatrical background with a concentration in acting. Performing, showing who we are, how we see ourselves or describing gender is a reoccurring theme. (Obtained a BA in Performance Art from the University of Wits, South Africa. Masters degree in Art from Claremont, CA) Commissioned by Tiffany & Co to produce sculptures."

Please join us for Pre-Basel reception on November 15th 2017 at Laurent & Martin gallery to see gorgeous works by Suzanne Erickson and other international artists.

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