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DAIN: The Stare

“For me it’s always about the eyes. The stare...."



DAIN is one of the most influential street/contemporary artists to emerge from New York City in the last decade. DAIN’s distinctive work pay homage to a romanticized past era when women’s fashion was modest and drew attention to their faces instead of their figures. The artworks combine elements of spray paint, silk screening, acrylic, and paper collage, topped off with DAIN’s signature, attention-grabbing “circle and drip” around the eye. Each piece is playful yet sophisticated, elegantly blending stereotypically masculine elements of street art with stereotypically feminine depictions of Hollywood glamour. DAIN has been showcased in galleries worldwide including NYC, Rome, Paris, Australia, Berlin, Mexico City, London and Miami.


“You know what’s funny, people have said, ‘Oh your work is so sexy’ and this and that. But the thing is I never show a woman’s body. It’s always a woman’s face on a man’s body, usually. I think women sell themselves short. They think they have to take off all of their clothes for someone to love them – but if you keep your clothes on people still love you.”

To see available works CLICK HERE

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