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Paintings by Irina Daylene

Irina Dzhalalyants (aka Irina Daylene) hails from a Armenian-Russian background. In her youth, while summering in their dacha in the artistic and intellectual colony of Peredelkino, she first took drawing pencils and paint brushes and paper in hand.

She was naturally drawn to the world of visual self-expression. A well-known family portrait painter of the day, Sergei Gregoriev, encouraged her to look deeply into her subject matter, to try and find the essence of what she portrays.

She has kept to his wise advice all these years.

Irina Daylene loves every form of life she encounters! The marine creatures of the ocean, in the beautiful clear blue water they call home. She delights in the wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania, which she got to see firsthand in her travels to the African continent. Her zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, tiger, elephant and pandas are portrayed as the magnificent animals they are. We want them to run free in the warm savannahs they call home. We want them to continue to exist as she paints them, in their natural habitat, born free.

Inspired by her global travels and her passion for diverse cultures and wildlife, renown artist Irina Daylene’s intriguing collections have been celebrated all over the world in the nest galleries, juried shows and museums. From the whimsical Sumo Wrestlers to her Pop Art paintings of the majestic wildlife of Africa and Asia, Irina’s expressions bring to heart a profound sense of joy, inspiration and love!

Irina Daylene can paint any subject under the sun. However, when she is painting children, we feel her special love and empathy for them in each composition. She delights in their games, antics and idiosyncrasies. Children playing marbles in the street, sneaking that first cigarette, dreaming of delightful flights into space. We feel like each one is a living, breathing child coming to life before our eyes, with their whole lives ahead of them yet.

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