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PUPA collection by Popovy Sisters

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Popovy Sisters | JM Art Management

Inspirational "PUPA"collection.

Main colors here are autumnal shades of red and gray. In this collection sisters are making accent on natural fur textures, nonetheless.

Weightless silk, Italian and antique lace merges with body and draw light contours like thrill of tiny wings. Imagery are aerial and fragile but has strong character. Soft silhouettes are in harmony with rigid wing graphics and shaped in corset skirts. Sisters created three new shoe prototypes and many design variations for them, their bioform lines brings us to the insect world.

Popovy Sisters | JM Art Management

Unique wigs help to reveal the idea and complete images. Flowing locks of hair and dynamic, fluffy pigtails brings friskiness to the collection. Original ornamentation in the hair are made of beads and reminds of butterfly eyes. Wigs are made of Japanese silk and lama wool, preference is given to natural shades of red and blond hair. The "teenage" girls are now have new makeup: freckles, blond eyelashes, smoky eye shadows reminds of gentle defenseless creatures.

Popovy Sisters | JM Art Management

“Our main criterion in image creation – it’s have to be something strange, something weird at the first sight, something that will make one think and something that need to be examined to understand. Doll have to be strange, and make people think”.

Popovy Sisters | JM Art Management

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