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Transition between the states

Mr. Everybody | JM Art Management
Boaz and Jachin oil on canvas 150x125

Irish born and self-taught, Mr. Everybody is an impressive emerging artist who has developed a signature style and strong following. With influences from the graffiti scene, classical drawing and oil painting Mr. Everybody’s style has grown organically with flare.

Mr. Everybody has long been fascinated with our evolution from life to death and beyond, from human beings to conscious spirit. His work addresses the transition between states, how we feel between these states and the acceptance of life, death, and mortality. Even with death, we can emerge with no limit, in any place, at any time.



There is a wealth of evidence, throughout history and within many cultures today, to suggest that there may be an afterlife and that the transition of this state should be celebrated and supported as we pass from our shell. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a collection of rituals and spells to ensure the safe passing to the next life. The book’s famous title was given by western scholars; the actual title translates as The Book of Coming Forth by Day or Spells for Going Forth by Day. Dia de los Muertos, otherwise known as The Day of The Dead, is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico where families and friends gather in remembrance, to pray and feed the spiritual journey of loved ones who have passed. In parts of China white symbolizes brightness, purity, and fulfillment and is the color chosen to mourn death.



Three, simple examples, of cultures that choose to embrace the transition and continuation of energy into the unknown where immense value is placed on developing, and nurturing the essence that lives within us, in this life, and beyond.

Mr. Everybody has produced a series of works to capture a moment of stillness in this transition. We all experience the same feelings.

We all share the same end.


Mr. Everybody | JM Art Management
Delayed 88x119 cm oil on canvas


Shane Everybody (Mr. Everybody) is an Irish born self-taught artist, where he is currently painting and living with his family. While growing up mainly in the graffiti scene from an early age it is very evident in his style today when he was in his teens he took a different direction and decided to study classical drawing and oil painting techniques and tried a very natural approach to the development of his work. 


JM Art Management

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