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Popovy Doll X Lara Aimee JM Art Management

We get a lot of emails from various artists and models who recreate Popovy Dolls in their own and unique way.

Dutch model Lara Aimee transforms herself into a living Popovy Sisters doll.

Lara Aimee is an alternative model from the Netherlands. She models everything from high fashion to fetish and is eager to rock anything in-between. As well as a model Lara is a practicing tattoo artist and a fashion lover! This time, she turned herself into a stunning Popovy Doll.


In her own words:

"I have been following the Popovy Sisters for a long time. Being in awe by the beauty of their creations and finding their style of dressing them so inspiring! I also love they based some of their faces on women that I find interesting, like Devon Aoki and Yolandi.

I wanted to do a Popovy style shoot for a very long time, but I was waiting to get the perfect team together. Then I ran into the lingerie designs if 13eme lune, and I knew that was it!

I acquired myself the most beautiful set she had and from there on I started gathering a team.

Josefien Hoekstra, one of my favorite photographers in the Netherlands, I was so happy when she agreed to join this project.

Of course, I needed a hairstylist who could do elaborate hair like the signature Popovy Sisters styles. The only stylist I could think of was Sha Vlijter, a self-thought hair guru.

I wanted to do two looks: nude and black. So I approached one more fashion designer, Amber & Indigo.

As for makeup, I decided to do it by myself. I had my own vision and knew exactly how to implement it."


Popovy Doll X Lara Aimee JM Art Management


Photography: Josefien Hoekstra

Hairstylist: Sha Vlijter

Light outfit: 13ème lune lingerie

Black outfit: Amber & Indigo

Model+make up: Lara Aimée


E-mail for information about the dolls:

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