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Rock 'N Fashion: A Benefit for Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Great pleasure working with Giulian Jones ( Celebrity Chef) and Benjamin Scott (Beneficial entertainment) for such amazing event dedicated for Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.

Rock ‘N Fashion, a night of amazing rock n’ roll and a fashion runway show benefitting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Some of rock music’s finest artists performed live including members of Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and more. Plus a special tribute to The Rolling Stones. Private cocktail reception in Marilyn Room was featuring exclusive art showing from well-known artists, Thrashbird, Laurent Proneur, and Ralph Rieckermann from the legendary Scorpions.

"I want to thank everyone for coming out to our Rock 'N Fashion: A Benefit for Children's Hospital Los Angeles. With your support it was a tremendous success!

It was a true honor to work with as many accomplished, considerate, and altruistic people as those who were involved with this event.

A huge thank you to Barry Pointer & Giulian Jones, both of whom went above and beyond! Look forward to many more!

The designers were fabulous in presentation and style, including April Mun's Stella & Jamie, Sheri Bodell, Daniella Clarke's Weslin + Grant, and Oneita Parker (Sherry West, Rosser Goodman, Tito Zamalloa, etc.), along with Lisa Gastineau, Steven Areia, and Krista Gambrel's Ende Collective . You all were all as gracious and beautiful as your designs.

Thanks to The Anatomy for bringing the house down during the fashion show. I've been singing "Shake That Tambourine" in my head all weekend.

Gilby Clarke, it's always an incredible treat to watch you play!

A big thank you to the Rami Jaffee, Jessy Greene, Jonny Kaplan, Christopher Thorn, Mario Calire, Joe Ayoub, and all the other artists who took the stage for Children's Hospital Los Angeles. A special shout out to my new friend Aeb Byrne as well.

Much appreciation to Photogenics and Emily Detamaso, and to their models Mariya Melnyk, Bianca Gomez, Meredith Hennessy, Elizabeth Havird, Lauren Trotter, Anastasia Murray, Sveta Matyunina, Diana Carl, Sophia Linnewedel, Kaitlyn Rightmyer, Clara Settje, and Connar Franklin, and Sarah Gingrich.

Abundant thanks to MSA Model's Los Angeles and Anthony De La Rosa, and to their models Destiny Deanda, Jana Poole, Sydnie Marie Miller, Tiger Kaufman, Birdie Claire Lyons, and Kelsey Moore.

Much gratitude to Next Model's Alexis Borges, Linda Solis, Wayne Rogers and to their models Caley Rae Pavillard, Danielle Rendall, Kenze Waxlax, and Fancy Tracy Acholonu.

Thank you too Camilla Revah too!

All of the models and agencies volunteered their time and energy to support Children's Hospital Los Angeles!

Reeve Carney & Phillip T Morrison, special thanks to you for your unyielding support for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Many thanks to another incredible volunteer, our extraordinary stylist Devon Nuszer who showed magnificent poise and elegance.

Alex Ansoleaga, thank you for jumping in and hosting with little preparation and even less guidance. You are amazing and big-hearted.

Laura Bialobos, I really couldn't have done this without you. You brought so much to this event with your time, connections, and love. You're a true mensch.

Mark Biase, you are my brother who will jump into the fire with me without ever questioning. I've been around someone who is more loyal and hard working.

Monica Polk as always, you were a star. Lisa Gardner was a champion in holding it all together.

Gibson provided our incredible Guitar throne, thank you Riley Bray and Peter Leinheiser!

Eliot Carmi & Cris Carmi were incredibly generous with their time and resources. I know Soul Restaurant will be a huge success. Jason Martinez and Brittany Codekas were a huge help as well.

Mike Bowen & Natalie Novillo helped with Erewhon Market's generous gift bag donation and the brownies which were a big hit!

Whole Foods fed all of us before the show, so a big thank you Derek Harrison for making that happen.

Tito's Handmade Vodka were so generous and Brandy Weiss was so helpful!

Line 204 and Angstrom lighting donated all our production supplies and lighting equipment! I can't thank them enough, including Alton Butler, Evan Weissman, Michael Bowsman, Kristen Kish, Stephanie Ogonowski and Marcos our delivery guy. And of course, there was Felix Galvan who lit our stage and step & repeat beautifully!

Cinema Make-up School & Christie Leister provided our talented hair & make-up team that included Devon Hull, Alanah Lucantonio, Ashley Rupp, Aryanna Martin, Maira Zaparolli, and Kanokporn Khemasingkhi and Nicole Napp.

Thanks to D'Angelico Guitars for donating a beautiful guitar to be auctioned.

Incredible artwork provided by Ralph Rickermann, Thrashbird, and Laurent Proneur, all thanks to the wonderful Julia JM.

Mike Jackson, you're always a tremendous champion of mine, and jump to help every charitable effort.

Alex Kirschenbaum, incredible graphic design work (as always!)

Chelsea Freeborn, much obliged for always supporting a wonderful cause.

Other sponsors and donors including Glenn Bartels and Dean Karr who were unselfish and benevolent with their support and donations. Lisa Ross came through for the silent auction and wrangling friends to contribute and show up. Thank you to Barreworks as well for their generosity!

Thanks to Joe Delbridge of Geek Smash for coming in last minute and helping out!

Thank you to Beyond Image Graphics!

To the PA's & Volunteers, Keely Krasomil, Kayla Eaton, Monika Gobaira, Brooke Sikkema, Seth Biase, Nicholas Norjean, Shane Miller, Elan Bialobos, and Eden Moyal.

Incredible PR people at Miller PR, Dawn Miller and Aurora Mae.

A special thank your to my good friend who volunteered her time, Stephanie Ashley Gotch.

Thank you to Lucky Strike Live and all the incredible staff that assisted with this event, so many great people, Sean Herzfeld, Erik Aasen, Daniel DeAngelo, Kelsey Jones, Alyse Proctor, and everyone else.

A big thank you to my sister and brother, Amy Wiesner and Adam Wiesner! For always showing up and you're unconditional love and support!

To all my friends who showed up and celebrated. And everyone else who was so integral to making this an extraordinary event!

Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Looking forward to our next event!"

Benjamin Scott

Beneficial Entertainment


Ralph Rieckermann

Laurent Proneur

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