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Dolls of Milena

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Popovy Sisters inspired - Dolls of Milena

Dolls of Milena | Popovy Sisters | JM Art Management

Photos are curtesy of Monika Mostowik


Popovy Dolls by Monika Mostowik.

"For me, photography is the way to make my dolls alive. Dolls are my only models, I do not take photos of people, only for my friends sometimes, and usually, still, they pose with dolls. They are not just toys, they can picture emotions even if they cannot feel, and they can trigger emotions in people, who look at them. They can also pretend humans, and I love that illusion; thanks to this trick we can tell more about people, because of the different perspective and proper distance. Dolls can be metaphors. Sometimes people who see portraits I made, say: “these models look a bit like dolls”, some really think that they are real people… Doll’s photography is the way of explaining how I actually see the world. When we say “this doll is so tired” we mean that this doll looks tired, because the doll cannot be. This is a very interesting topic for me, how people can be real and fake. I am the writer, just working on my 8thbook about dolls this time, dollmaker actually. I write short stories mostly, but novels also and poems, and haiku about dolls also. And photography is a kind of rest from literature, sentences, descriptions, words… Sometimes I can say more with one picture, than in multiple pages of a book. I can say it differently, sometimes it is the only way to say it. This art is about searching right way to express myself and my way of perceiving the world, so I am looking for the right doll, the right clothes and hair for her, the right make up, and scenery, and photography technique, and I cannot stop looking… I love to create these little worlds, they are like dreams."

~ Monika Mostowik


Milena Mostowik is a Polish author.

She cooperated with Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in arranging 3 bjd doll exhibitions in 2011, 2014, 2016, invited doll collectors and dollmakers from Poland to display various dolls. In 2014 "Justine" (Blue Jay Popovy) was part of a museum exposition in Japan.

Currently, Monika is preparing her own exhibition on October 2019 at Manggha Museum where she is planning to display dolls from her private collection together with photography series.


Aiko (Popovy Little Owl)

Aiko (Popovy Little Owl)- Photos are curtesy of Monika Mostowik


In her own words:

"Art Dolls by Popovy Sisters are so unique, fragile and expressive, give so many ways for interpretations. I love Sisters’ creations, it is a true art. Their fashion and styling are amazing, and every collection is edgy and deep. In my photography, I decided to present Popovy Dolls in more dark, gothic, retro style, by showing true perfection through scary and terrifying scenes. I style them to look bright and innocent, but though this brightness a viewer could see scars, sadness, and inner pain... I always try to make them look intriguing. I believe it is the main purpose why Popovy Sisters make their dolls, to intrigue and amaze people. These dolls are not just pretty toys standing in a cabinet, they represent something bigger, what makes you think of life, beauty, inner emotions.Sisters are so talented to create such a realistic and detailed little dolls. Great posing gives me the possibility to take unique, dynamic photos and to bring those little dolls into life. It is amazing how well they can transform from a sweet and innocent girl to a strong, sharp, sexy, very high fashion beauties, or to a suffering, sad, dark creatures. I create my own characters: settling on make up (what facial expression they should have, and send for painting to make up artists), hair color & style (sometimes I make wigs by myself), eyes color, clothes (mostly I buy fabrics by myself and decide on style, make so-called project and send to the artist to sew it), scenery, and order props.Preparations take a lot of time, but it is a very creative process, and while doing it, I am learning to be patient. For me, it is very much about thinking, or even meditating, looking for and waiting for the doll and all components to finally create its own character. It is like creating my own miniature world without copying the real life. The alternative world, more pure, mysterious, and intriguing."

~ Monika Mostowik


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