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Surreal art doll photography

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Twin sisters Ekaterina and Elena Popovy have been causing a furor in the fashion doll scene since 2004. Using only hand sketches and their creative ambition, the duo utilizes and impressive range of talents to bring their visions to life in each unique project and collection they put out. From fashion design to hair and makeup - from photography to the printing process, the Popovy Sisters are among a shrinking group artists who can quite literally "do it all".

Popovy Sisters limited edition fine art photography

"We’ve been preparing this project for many years. We always photograph the dolls by ourselves, usually, it takes several days for each doll. It opens the whole new artistic dimension. Fine Art Photography shows even more expression and deepness of our dolls. The dolls you’ll see are all exclusive pieces of art – prototypes, dolls specially made for the photo shoot, absolute OOAK which has never been for sale. Since the childhood, we were not only making dolls by also were obsessed with photography. Our father brought this passion into our lives, he has an amazing collection of vintage cameras that we used to work with in the past.

For us photography is not a hobby, it is the way to reveal unique expressions and show more details of our Art Dolls. Photography show something in our dolls that can’t be seen in the real life. For us, Doll making and photography go side by side. It supplements each other. In order to come up with a stunning photo, we always create a unique doll. We do our best to make it look as real as possible and photogenic. During the doll making process, we think a lot of how the doll and its costume will look on the photo.

We always think of the final scene and move forward by creating a solid image and atmosphere following the specific concept or theme. When we saw our prints for the first time in real life, we were astonished by the feeling it gave us. We were facing human sized doll. She was staring at us, and it felt it so deep. We could see even tiniest details of our creation. We never saw our dolls so clearly. Absolutely different experience.

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