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Thrashbird: Billboard takeover

Little collection of Street Art by LA based artist Thrashbird of unverified identity known for his billboard takeovers, stencils and wheat pastes His satirical street art and subversive content combine clever humor with social observations to highlight issues including: media obsession, selfie culture and reliance on technology. In 2016, he was listed on KCRW's radio broadcast as being one of the most exciting contemporary street artists to watch.

Awareness and activism are central themes in Thrashbird's work and the artist has presented in several symposia to talk about them.

He describes his style as Messy, imperfect, obtuse, awkward, abrasive, sometimes jovial. There is an expression I can’t stand. It breeds apathy and lethargy. “Everything will be OK.” That’s an excuse to do nothing. My style is to show that everything won’t be OK. The only way to ensure that it will be OK is to be proactive.

"Change requires relevant action. If you feel things need changing, take action. Im not against prayer, it's great, but if you REALLY want change you have to take action. If one specific movement doesn't fit you, search out one that does. There are many ways to get involved in whatever fight you want to fight. I'm only asking that you fight. Google some shit you care about, like you do for that new whatever you're gonna buy and get involved."

"My heart goes out to the victims and the loved ones of the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting today. 😔💔 We need commonsense gun control. We need mental health care I'm a gun owner and I value the 2nd amendment, but changes need to made. The people of this country need to demand change. Change always resides with the people taking action."

"Even the smallest acts of defiance and #dissent in the face of growing threats and dangers are more crucial than ever."

"Dedicated to all the graffiti writers and street artists that gave or are giving these great movements credibility."

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